8 Steps to Organic Organization

stacked_beach_rocks_by_jtheq-d32xnylMaster your domain (and life in general) by lighting the load around your home. Completing a full home purge means you’ll shed pounds and finally through that emotional baggage out.

In just 8 simple steps you can master the flow of energy in both your home, and your body. All it takes is a willingness and want to make big life changes with these following steps [treat yourself to a craft cocktail or tea elixir for extra stimulation]!

1. Commit to yourself first that you deserve better by cleaning up your home and lifestyle; then commit to the time it will take to complete a successful purge (i.e. as long as it takes until the purge is complete).

2. Start with the room that needs the “detox” first (i.e. bedroom, kitchen, etc.), commit to a few hours within 1-2 weeks to finish the complete purge.

3. Designate the following pile locations: keep, donate, recycle, seasonal storage, and toss.

4. Pull everything out of closets first, then dressers, and all other “secret storage stash” places as well.

5. When sorting through piles, ask yourself the following: when was the last time I used this item? Why am I holding onto this item (anticipated projects, trips, diet, etc.)? Would I miss the item if it were gone? Do I “like it” or “love it”?

6. Strive to achieve the KISS (Keep It Simple Sweetie) award; the less the clutter the easier it will be to relax.

7. Once finished purging, place donations and recyclables in a place that is “out of mind” but easy to grab, go and drop off when running errands during the week (car trunks are convenient).

8. Once you’ve tackled the first room, you should be feeling inspired to keep the purging process going throughout your home. Work in one day a week to tackle a single room until you have successfully detoxed the clutter from your home…and life.


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