Fire_ants Ants. tiny little soldiers occasionally found doing recon around the sinks in your home, and they always seem ready to take over the party!

A little bit of prevention goes a long way with these little busy workers. Following these following earth and toxic-free measures you will save money (and your conscious) with just pennies on the dollar compared to the chemical alternatives.

No Ants in These Plants
Since ants are not too fond of spearmint, pennyroyal, and tansy, you may want to plant these selections close to the home in an effort to ward off ants. To keep red ants out of the way, the planting of sweet fern is recommended. So dig in and create a multi-tasking herb garden to ward off ants, and have bounty for natural remedies around the home.

Vinegar and Water
The next time you wash down your counters, mix equal parts of vinegar and water to detract ants. Toxic-free, and the best disinfectant in the marketplace!

Picnic Preparation
To keep crawling ants away from a picnic table, place each leg in a small pan of water.

Tea Bag It
Using a tea bag filled with mint tea can control ants in their most active spots. Sometimes, the use of dry, crushed mint leaves or cloves will help combat your ant problem.

Soapy Water
A small spray bottle containing soapy water can be used to spray and ward off ants.

Spraying vinegar around the doors and window frames, under appliances, and close to known ant trails will help kill ants.

Placing a cinnamon stick in the pathway of ants sometimes keeps ants from coming through doors and windows – they do not dare cross it.

A mixture comprised of 40% water, 40% alcohol, and 20% botanical dish soap  is known to treat most species of ant. Some insects die upon contact. The combination also helps to eliminate the chemical trail left behind by ants so others are unable to follow the same path into your home.


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