Five Salt MealWhat’s the secret to creating nutritious and delicious weekday meals? Flavor…and working with fresh farm-to-fork quality basics. Say “bye-bye” to recipe cards and over glorified (and processed) “gourmet” boxed food. This season’s hottest movement is REAL – welcome to the delectable world of creative cuccina.

Imagine that your kitchen is a blank canvas, utensils are your tools, and every single item you bring into your pantry or icebox is a beautiful bright paint color waiting to blend effortlessly together. Just like painting with a blank canvas (versus paint by numbers) the sky is the limit and your imagination is the catalyst. Removing restrictions (i.e. recipes) and working with what you have allows for a new approach in the kitchen – fun and flavorful – especially with local seasonal produce.

Just DO IT!

eatAt the end of the day no one is more accountable and responsible than you for how you act and feel. Nutrient-dense, mineral-intense foods are the fuel we need to stay energized, brain fog-free, and overall feeling great. The catch is that in order to stay on top of our game (AND treat our bodies as the sacred temple that they are), processed foods need to be kicked to the curb and replaced with the OG (organic goodness) that can only be found in nature – not from a manufacturing plant.

It’s true that boxed convenience tastes great and supplies our hungry bellies with substance to keep going, but at what cost? Is cheaper really better? Do you really understand what the usual suspects found on food labels are and how they will affect you down the line? Without going in-depth of the truthful phrase “eat to live…live to eat” (also a conversation to be had with a Holistic Practioner), I proudly announce that the creative cuccina approach will keep your taste buds happy while almost completely eliminating that dreadful question “what’s for dinner”.

The Creative Approach

Creative cuccina is simple approach that includes a prepping regiment that is most effective when paired with quality ingredients found at your local COOP, farmers market or local natural foods grocer. This approach also supports the lost art of self-sufficiency that is engrained in the Farm-to-Fork movement. Self-sufficiency brings out the creative genius while learning how to master new tasks…including becoming an impressive force in the kitchen.

ecoinactionThe secret to implementing creative cuccina is to become your own personal prep chef. You don’t have to have culinary experience to make this happen, just 4-5 hours, a few kitchen appliances, and a great attitude (libations can sometimes help!). If possible, the best time to make this happen is after a trip to the market to ensure that you’ll never have to scrape wilted greens off the bottom of your fridge again. When prepping your food after purchasing you can quickly and effortlessly chop, boil, bake your way to a fridge filled with options to whip together meals all week long. The key is to keep it simple when assembling so that the natural OG flavors come alive in less than 30 minutes. That’s right, one afternoon of prepping means easy peas-y gourmet meals that will impress even your worst critic (you, of course!)


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