how-to-make-your-boobs-grow-faster-300x225While crafting the message about the importance of leafy greens, I crossed the age-old debate about soy  – yay or nay on the REAL food and wellness  chart? This mamacita often wonders how many vegetarian and vegan ladies are still voluntarily eating soy while involuntarily walking around with enormous breasts [wtf?]! No matter the reason when the truth is stacked upon us that we have been fed a cupful of soy latte lies.

Ask any holistic practitioner about soy products, and they will give you the truth about soy including links and information from legitimate sources [read: non-government funded studies] such as the non-profit organization Weston A. Price Foundation. Ask any traditional general practitioner [or anyone affiliated with the AMA] and they will tell you the studies are inconclusive with establishing a relationship between cancers (specifically breast) and the consumption of soy. The one factor that both sides agree on is that soy is a phytoestrogen, the rest of the factors are left for us to decipher.

I don’t know about most women, but in a previous lifetime with western medicine I never had a discussion with my OB GYN on the importance of balancing hormones – especially after the body starts to lose progesterone around the age of 35. This loss of progesterone of course means higher amounts of estrogen often linked to breast cancer, large tender breasts, overly intense periods, and chin hairs [yes, that is the culprit ladies].

Yet because soy has seemingly been well programmed into the political side of American food and culture, many vegan and vegetarian women are being set up for painful aging as [non-fermented] soy has been linked to not only cancer but also stimulated growth of estrogen-dependent tumors, thyroid problems, deficiencies in calcium and vitamin D [both needed for healthy bones], and weakening of the immune system. The phytic acid in soy foods also results in reduced bio-availabilty of iron and zinc which are required for the health and development of the brain and nervous system. So why is soy still so prevalent in our “non meat” sector of the food political chain? The answer is simple: cash crop.

Now, my personal theory is that the soy craze caught on as we Gen X’ers were leaving high school and looking to change an already ailing global society. Being healthy became synonymous with eating non-meat items in the 1990’s as the world population was starting to look towards equality [read: anti-globalism movement], and had become mindful about global issues including the inhumane practices of meat production. Sadly, the government and corporations pounced on this movement and sent out their marketing minions to pave the way for the “eat healthy” revolution…including adding soy to their cash crop portfolio.

So throw out your vegan pressed propaganda ladies, and hike up your big girl boots, because this is just one of many social myths that you will have to decipher on your way up the bumpy path of the great awakening. Our bodies are our temples and as we purify ourselves and our universe, we need to follow the truths and bypass supporting lies. I haven’t even touched on the “banes of grains” of the flawed of the legendary USDA chart. We’ll save that for next time.


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